Friday, December 4, 2015

Nerdy fitness

In my opinion everybody should engage in some form of physical activity. The benefits of sport are undeniable: 

- weight loss
- improved posture
- stress relief
- improved coordination
- etc.

On the other side sport isn't everything and not everyone enjoys it. 
Even though I think physical activity is impotant I believe that there must be a somewhat lazy and not as healthy counter part. The problem is to find the right balance. 
That's why I have a personal rule concerning my physical fitness:

"You should always be as fit as you think is necessary to have a fair chance during a Zombie Apocalypse."

Being hopelessly out of breath after running a short distance when relentless Zombies are trying to harvest your carefully accumulated body mass is a death sentence.

Regular exercize will grant you the following abilities that will greatly increase your chances of survival:

Strength to lift heavy objects that block the way or pull yourself up on ledges to get to safe places / areas.

Stamina to run from hordes of the undead.

Agility to dodge attacks, whether from a Zombie or a fellow survivor looking to eliminate you.

Balance to not fall when you can least afford it.

While being physically fit doesnt guarantee that you survive the rise of the undead it is still a highly beneficial factor, because come on, what is a beer belly really gonna do for you when the Zombie Apocalypse happens other than maybe help you over an extended period of starvation.

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