Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cartoon evolution

Recently I was zapping through the tv channels and suddenly stopped in awe as I started feeling like a little boy again. It was the jungle book and as I sat and watched the whole thing including singing along to the songs I wondered why children movies and cartoons changed so much. The old movies I used to watch told a magical story with memorable characters and catchy songs that I still know and love today. I have to admit that I am certainly not up to date with childrens movies and cartoons, but there are changes to be noticed, not always for the worse. While the hand drawn animations of the 90's have a charm of their own, todays CGI animated movies seem light years ahead with their graphics. Also the stories didn't lose their wit.
Only the humor in newer movies seems to be aimed for a little older audience. I doubt that some of the jokes are understood by 10 year old children, though possibly they are meant for their parents who are forced to accompany them to the movie theatre. What has me really concerned are the cartoons nowadays. I definately prefer Ducktales for example over Spongebob. After watching todays cartoons for more then five minutes I can almost feel my brain cells committing suicide. I guess it's only a more mature point of view. Probably my parents thought the same thing about the cartoons that I was watching as a kid. My guess is that the targeted age group has shifted upwards, which is amused by the simplest kind of humor. But maybe my sense of humor is just rusty and old fashioned. We will never know and it will be interesting to see the changes in the next ten or twenty years.

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