Sunday, April 13, 2014

Zombie Science: Wounded Zombies

This is a continuation of my thoughts concerning the science behind Zombies (see older post) as we know them from popular media like movies or computer games. This time I focused my attention to the question: what happens when Zombies are wounded?

Assuming it is possible for corpses to be reanimated and walk on earth as living dead, killing humans and consuming their flesh, the question might be raised if other than defying death the rules of human biology still apply to them.
Thus it is questionable that despite being dead they can survive heavy injuries.When their bodies are severely damaged they consequently lose great amounts of blood. Though in order to move muscles it is necessary to transport oxygen into the muscle tissue. Heavy blood loss prevents this from happening. Greatly injured zombies therefore may not necessarily die but should be disabled or not able to move at all. For the same reason it is not possible that a severed zombie head continues biting for a longer time period since its connection to blood supply is cut off. For a short period of time however it seems possible, similar to a chickens body running around for a little bit after being beheaded. The only plausible explanation that I could come up with was the scenario that a virus infection is causing the Zombie outbreak and said virus produces and supplies the reanimated body with a sufficient amount of oxygen. This way it would either have to feed the oxygen into the blood stream, which would result into the same problems or it would have to administer oxygen directly into the desired muscle tissue. Either way the brain is still needed to control everything, therefore it is still the weak point of the Zombie.

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