Friday, April 18, 2014

The importance of sport

Since it is slowly (and I emphasize "slowly") becoming summer now and getting warmer outside I can't help but notice that the gym is filling up with people trying to get in shape for swimming season. But actually it is important to do sport and be active all year around. Not only do regular sportive activities make it easier to achieve the desired weight or body shape, but it is also very healthy. Doing sport is good for relieving stress and keeps you fit even in old age.

Now occasionally I like to go for a good run for example. The only problem with running in my opinion is that it's very boring unless I listen to music. Also I find it hard to motivate myself to go outside and do a couple laps, especially when it's not sunny. What I found really helpful as motivation is having specific goals. I for example plan to participate in a public event with many other people, which gives me a specific distance I will have to run and I can set a specific time for myself that I can work towards.

What I like even better than running is going to the gym. It gives me alot more possibilities so I can do whatever I feel like at that moment. One could argue that going to a gym isn't necessary since you can do the same things at home. But let's be honest here, when staying at home we all rather lay around and watch tv. Once we made the effort and left home we are much more likely to do an efficient work out. Though working out isn't everything, a healthy diet is just as important as doing sport.

What I also enjoy doing and what is especially important for children in my opinion, not only for health but also for social reasons, is team or competitive sport. When I was 6 years old I started to do judo and play
tennis and I stuck with both of them until I couldn't attend regular practice anymore due to classes in  university. Both of those activities were in retrospect not only good for developing body coordination skills but were also aiding my social life since I found many friends while having a fun time.

My point is: doing sport and being active is important. Add a healthy diet and you will save yourself alot of doctors appointments. It doesn't matter if you go running, lift weights, play tennis or go dancing as long as you stay active. Enjoying what you do is also an important factor, because if you don't, motivating yourself is hard. So don't be afraid of trying different things. Hopefully I could encourage some of you to get off that couch and go out to do some sport.

Stay active :)

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